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Day by Day Fun:

Stage 1 (2002):
Day 1
Day 2
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Day 5
Day 6

Day 7
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Day 8
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Day 18: The Last

Stage 2:
Still Working!
A Roof
Baking at Last
First Real Bake

Stage 3 (2004)
Insulation & Stucco
Some Notes on Construction

Thanksgiving 2009

Stage 4 (2007)
Finished at last!
Thanksgiving 2009

Questions and Comments:

This oven is in
Twain Harte, CA


Notes & Thoughts on Construction
Chief Baker and some pretty darned good bread.


Notes and Still Want to Build... are in the writing stage. As a first note though:

If you're thinking of building an oven, consider hiring Project Engineer Dave Yemm and Erika Jostad for your design & construction. They'll travel most anywhere in the Western US (and France & Italy!) to custom build what you want. Contact them at: dwyemj AT (note the AT is the @ symbol — too many Spambots trolling for addresses).

We used Alan Scott's book. It's detailed enough, even without the plans, to build the oven — assuming you've got a pretty good stone mason around... . Otherwise, you might want the detailed plans he sells. See his home page at