The Modestus Baking Company


Day by Day Fun:

Stage 1 (2002):
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Day 7
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Day 8
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Day 14
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Day 18: The Last

Stage 2:
Still Working!
A Roof
Baking at Last
First Real Bake

Stage 3 (2004)
Insulation & Stucco
Some Notes on Construction

Thanksgiving 2009

Stage 4 (2007)
Finished at last!
Thanksgiving 2009

Questions and Comments:

This oven is in
Twain Harte, CA


Day 18: The Last
Loading Up and Lighting Out for the Territory
Ahead of the Rest

99 bouteille of Bordeaux on the wall,
99 bouteille of Bordeaux...
Modestus Construction Company
(left to right) George Durkee, Web Lackey
Paige Meier, Master Baker
Erika Jostad, Quality Control
Dave Yemm, Project Engineer
But wait! There's more wine, more pie!
How 'bout some coffee?
The long goodbye
Longer still!

If I had a few sacks of flour, an axe, and some matches, I would build a cabin of pine logs, pile up plenty of firewood about it and stay all winter to see the grand fertile snow-storms, watch the birds and animals that winter thus high, how they live, how the forests look and sound on their way down the mountains. But now I'll have to go, for there is nothing to spare in the way of provisions. I'll surely be back, however, surely I'll be back. No other place has ever so overwhelmingly attracted me as this hospitable, Godful wilderness.
John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra


Not quite the end of construction!