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Stage 2:
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Stage 3 (2004)
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Thanksgiving 2009

Stage 4 (2007)
Finished at last!
Thanksgiving 2009

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This oven is in
Twain Harte, CA


Day One: Humping Cement & Building The Form

The Bakery of Modestus at Pompeii: when excavated, there was still bread in the oven.
By the end of the project, we'd probably carried and hand-mixed about 110 90 lb sacks of concrete or mortar. Hint: next time, a mixer isn't a bad idea... . Most of the photos show Dave or Erika as the ones hard at work (well, someone's gotta take the photos!). If you're looking for someone to build your oven, they're the crew you want. See their contact information under Still want to build one?

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